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Act II

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Naji and Luis Pontillo, two 20-something creators, discuss what it means to be an independent creative, providing anecdotes and allegory about what millennial freelancers go through to make the lifestyle work for them. Whether it's keeping your neighbors up, handling clients, or trying your best to read a contract without crying, Naji and Luis are here to provide solace and support, and to let you know that, yes, it can be really f-ing hard out here sometimes.






While most artists indulge in the allure of mystery, Naji invites you into his mind to see and feel his subconscious secrets. Beyond the music, we’re able to see how Naji finds inspiration in life by focusing on things to be grateful for, even when life doesn’t go as expected. In the first mini docu-series, we get a sense of who Naji really is not only as an artist, but as a creator and thinker.