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Act I

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Toku Kara Kikeomatsu - OST

"Two boys from opposing worlds, Isao Toru & Michi Yuuma, come across portals that appear to hold thousands of new worlds. After initial hesitancy, they decide to explore what these portals contain. But once inside, all light escapes, leaving them only with the audible remnants. Little do they know, each ‘world’ only a reflection of their own minds, and with every moment of evaluation, their sight returns, taking themselves on a  journey of sanity and serenity.”

So what is this? This is the soundtrack to an anime that doesn't exist.


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“Luna” is the first joint project from Thomas White & Naji, who found each other in Montreal one summer. Both are avid fans of anime and manga that explore emotions in a surreal or fantastical way, so both embarked to tell a story from the moon's perspective. From its responsibilities of providing light, insight, control of the waves and beauty.

To the moon’s presence at night, which focuses on a time of reflection, softness, uncertainty, and many times, sadness. “Luna” is based around fleeting emotions and the practice of observing sadness, then letting it pass.



The Optimist-Cover.jpg
The Optimist-Cover.jpg

Erie, PA based artist Naji is changing the landscape of modern R&B by constantly challenging himself with both producing and singing. His dedicated years of drumming provide the foundation of his musical talents, which aid his ability to “unbox” rhythms—making his music dynamic, fresh, and ever-changing.

After some widely-successful collaborations and vocal features, Naji weaves together all of his talents into his own masterpiece—his first solo EP entitled The Optimist.

The smooth tone of Naji’s voice will capture not just your heart, but your mind—taking you deep into his thoughts and feelings about love, life, and how to remain optimistic no matter what life throws your way.